Description of  Program Facets

Services to Youth

Provides development experiences to students related to STEM, culture, health, well-being and Christmas activities that facilitates a sense of bonding, good will, and cheer.

The Arts

Exposes students to cultural events and projects to enhance their appreciation for the Arts through practical learning experiences, such as a poster contest and attendance at art exhibits, museums and etiquette classes.

National Trends and Services

Provides opportunities to service youth and seniors through programs in relation to personal goal setting, mental and physical health issues in partnership with community partners.

International Trends and Services

Provides opportunities to address issues and provide resources to women and girls in Haiti, Jamaica, Liberia and countries in the African Diaspora while educating students about our heritage.

Health and Human Services

Dedicated to healthy living and disease prevention by bringing awareness and education on diseases that disproportionately impact African American women in the Houston community.

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Texas Spring Cypress Chapter Of The Links, Incorporated 2020